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April 12 2013

loved this show!

Surplus Summit 2012 Part Two: San Diego

Continued from Surplus Summit Part One: Los Angeles.

After visiting Los Angeles for the weekend, I spent the next couple days in San Diego. I had a chance to visit some old San Diego landmarks as well as one newcomer to the surplus electronics scene.

Surplus Depot, San Diego, CA

Surplus Depot used to be located around the corner from their present location, back when they were called Industrial Liquidators. The store has shrunk a bit but still has some good deals and interesting parts.

Surplus Depot

Surplus Depot


More pics!

SD Electronic Supply, San Diego, CA

SD Electronic Supply opened last year(?) and recently moved to a new location just down the street from where Gateway Electronics used to be. I think a lot of the inventory is from the old Gateway store. The owner is friendly and there are a LOT of components available.

SD Electronic Supply

SD Electronic Supply

SD Electronic Supply

SD Electronic Supply

More pics!

California Electronic and Industrial Supply, El Cajon, CA

California Electronic Supply has been around for years and is still selling components and surplus stuff. I usually stop by on the way to Murphy’s, below.

California Electronic Supply

California Electronic Supply

Had to buy this one.


More pics!

Murphy’s Surplus Warehouse, El Cajon, CA

Murphy’s has also been an El Cajon landmark for many years. They specialize in surplus military radios but have piles of test equipment, motors, switches, and other stuff. I came here at least once a month when I lived in San Diego.

Murphy's Surplus Warehouse


Interplanetary Navigation

Test Equipment!

More pics!

Fun fact: Jerry Mouser of Mouser Electronics started Mouser while he was teaching high school physics in El Cajon! Apparently Murphy was one of his students.

As I mentioned in my last post, these and many more surplus electronics stores are listed on the Surplus Electronics wiki page. If you know of a surplus store in your area, please add it to the list and let’s help keep electronics surplus alive!

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Ceny mieszkań.
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SAC Capital insider trading charges: is a cursed Picasso painting to blame?

Ownership of the prestigious Le Reve, bought by Steve Cohen just two weeks ago, has proved problematic in the past

Steve Cohen has been trying to buy Picasso's Le Reve for six years. Two weeks ago it emerged his dream had finally come true.

But his record $150m purchase looks more like a nightmare, as the hedge fund billionaire faces charges of insider trading and racketeering, enormous fines and the inevitable suggestion that one of Picasso's most famous works is, in fact, cursed.

Cohen's Connecticut-based SAC Capital recently seemed to have settled its long-running insider trading charges over improper trading with an agreement to pay $615.7m in fines to regulator the SEC. But last week the agreement fell apart when a judge questioned the largest part, irritated by a clause that let SAC neither admit nor deny wrongdoing.

A day later Michael Steinberg, one of Cohen's most trusted lieutenants and an SAC portfolio manager, was led out of his Park Avenue apartment by the FBI and charged with conspiracy and securities fraud.

Perhaps even worse for Cohen personally, yesterday a New York appeals court resurrected a lawsuit brought by his ex-wife, Patricia Cohen, seeking damages of $8.25m and claiming her ex-husband's hedge fund is "racketeering scheme" that engages in insider trading. She has filed claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act – an act created to prosecute mafia bosses – and claims he hid $5.5m from her during their 1990 divorce.

What is not in dispute is that Cohen has built an $8.8bn fortune through canny bets on the markets. He has also amassed one of the world's finest art collections, owning classic paintings by Edvard Munch, Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock as well as contemporary pieces including Damien Hirst's pickled shark.

It was a long journey to add Le Reve to his collection. Picasso is said to have painted the erotic portrait of his then mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter in a single afternoon and it has gone on to be one of his most famous works. Ownership of the prestigious work of art has proved problematic for some, however.

Cohen first tried to buy the painting from casino magnate Steve Wynn in 2006, for what would then have been a record $139m. But in a notorious incident shortly before the sale, Wynn accidentally knocked a six-inch hole in the painting in an incident that became known as "the $40m elbow" after the painting's value was slashed following a $90,000 repair.

The incident ended the sale and landed Wynn in a legal battle with his insurer Lloyd's of London. Luck changed for Wynn, however, and he eventually topped his original sale price despite the repair. The painting's previous owner was less fortunate.

Wynn bought Le Reve off Austrian-born investment fund manager Wolfgang Flöttl in 2001 as his business empire began to unravel. Flöttl too had made a fortune in hedge funds. His art collection included Cezanne and Van Gogh's Portrait of Dr Gachet. The high-flying Austrian was married to Anne Eisenhower, granddaughter of the US president.

In 2008 Flöttl was ordered to spend 10 months in prison, one of nine people convicted of playing a part in a scheme that cost Bawag, one of Austria's biggest banks, close to $2bn in losses.

The only truly happy owner of Le Reve appears to have been Victor Ganz, the famous art collector who originally paid $7,000 for the piece in 1941. Ganz and his wife Sally amassed a collection including works by Picasso, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella through a lifetime of collecting. After their deaths in 2007 their collection was sold to pay estate taxes. Their collection, for which they had paid an estimated $2m, sold for over $206m at auction, representing a return of over 10,000%.

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shoot me.
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Using User Profile Property Values for List Filtering in SharePoint

Every other month or so, we receive an enquiry like the following:

Is it possible to filter (using FilterZen) a standard Document Library by a specific user profile field such as Department, where Department is also a field in the List / Library? I cannot see a way of doing it like the out-of-the-box Current User Filter Web Part.

Can do! With a few tweaks. Truth be told, we've been meaning to roll out first-class native FilterZen support for the SharePoint Server (MOSS / SPS) User Profiles model for a bit now. We expect to finalize an update for this by early October 2011, ie. in the next 1-2 weeks.

But that's no excuse not to implement such a requirement in FilterZen right now, with the current version you have now available. Of course, if you're on MOSS 2007 / SPS 2010, you could just use the out-of-box Current User Filter Web Part right away and skip FilterZen entirely — but if you have other filters for your List or Library you'd like to apply with FilterZen, integrating a User Profile Property into your main FilterZen Web Part is an understandable need and this is how you do it:

Let's work from the original enquiry above. You have a List View / Library View Web Part on your page (or you work directly on a View Page for that Library) and the Library contains a Department field. We want to filter so that only documents are shown that apply to the current user's Department, as stored in the corresponding User Profile Property.

For now there are no other Web Parts on the page. Add to it an out-of-box Current User Filter Web Part, a FilterZen Transformer Web Part and a FilterZen Filter Web Part, in that order. Do not connect any Web Parts at this point. Since you can freely re-arrange the order of Web Parts on the page interactively, be sure we have the following Web Part order:

  1. Out-of-box Current User Filter Web Part
  2. FilterZen Transformer Web Part
  3. FilterZen Filter Web Part
  4. Your Library View Web Part

1. The Current User Filter Web Part

  • For Filter Name, specify TempDepartment
  • Under Select value to provide, pick Department
  • Under Advanced Filter Options, tick the Send Empty if there are no values check-box option

2. The FilterZen Filter Web Part

Apart from any other filters your FilterZen Filter Web Part may contain, you will add a Text Filter named Department. This filter name refers not to the User Profile Property but to the target Library Field it is filtering! Apart from the name, the only other setting you need to set for this Text Filter is the default value which you will set to {$TempDepartment$} (or whatever name you used in step 1.)

3. Web Part Connections

Only now do you connect all Web Parts on the page, exactly as follows and exactly in this order:

  • From the Connections sub-menu of the FilterZen Transformer Web Part, select ICellConsumer (Get Cell From) and then pick your Current User Filter Web Part.
  • From the Connections sub-menu of the FilterZen Transformer Web Part, select IRowProvider (Send Row To) and then pick your FilterZen Filter Web Part.
  • From the Connections sub-menu of the FilterZen Filter Web Part, select Send Filter Values To and then pick your List View / Library View Web Part.

At first glance, this possibly looks more complicated than it really is — in fact, it's a fairly straightforward sequence of simple steps, really! With the next FilterZen, as usual things will be even easier and even faster to implement. But even now, FilterZen's core flexibility let's you combine the (very few) remaining not-yet-fully-absorbed skills of out-of-box Filter Web Parts with its many rock-solid and tremendously useful capabilities already provided.

This was just one example of how experimentation with core building blocks and re-using basic capabilities can take you far beyond the myriad of built-in, "typical" turn-key use-cases. So keep exploring!

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Epson L200: Instalación, carga y configuración

El día de ayer recibimos una impresora Epson L200, no es cualquier aparato, hasta parece ser uno fielmente diseñado para Venezuela.

Es impresora, copiadora y escáner pero en realidad es el primer sistema original de tanque de tintas y es por ello que la han buscado tanto.

<! -- Comienzo: Banner Movistar -->

<! -- Fin: Banner Movistar -->

Venezuela es un país bastante particular en lo que a impresión se refiere, la pirateria tiene una cara ya casi oficial, la demanda por impresión es bastante alta y muchos la satisfacen acudiendo a varias soluciones que en el camino han aparecido, si, basicamente los sistemas de impresión basados en tinta continua ya tienen una fama ganada, eso es tener un tanque de tintas conectado con una impresora y ser recargado por pequeños tanques y no por los cartucho que originalmente conocemos.

Epson finalizando 2011 lanzó esta impresora, la primera que va con este sistema de tanque de tintas pero de forma original, cuidando nuestros aparatos e impresiones y por consecuencia nuestro bolsillo, a eso me refiero cuando les hablo de que parece hecho para Venezuela. Aprovechemos que tenemos una para echar a andar los inyectores.. ¿Que quieren que imprima?

Desempaque e instalación

Esta es una multifuncional que requiere un poquito de más espacio de ancho, aparato y tanque de tintas incluido, no solo disponga de un espacio para ella sino que sea cómodo para la recarga adecuada del tanque de tintas.

Al abrir la caja, en ella consigues: La multifuncional L200, su cable de corriente, cable de conexión con el computador (que muchas veces no se incluía en algunas marcas y modelos), manuales, drivers y 6 pequeñas botellas de tinta: 3 negro, 1 cyan, 1 magenta, 1 amarillo.

Primera vez que uso este tipo de sistema de tintas, no necesito tanta impresión así que hasta ahora he manejado multifuncionales que me resuelven varias necesidades de trabajo. Me parece ideal aunque yo no uso PC y esa es mi principal desventaja, no tiene drivers para manejarse en Mac OS, espero que pronto lo desarrollen, eso si, para PC tiene configuración para varias versiones de Windows así que por ahí no hay ningún problema.

Todo desplegado en la mesa es hora de hacer lo más importante, cargar los pequeños tanques con las tintas que vienen bien selladas y codificadas, importante esto último para el último paso de su instalación. La Epson L200 tiene como ven las fotos un tanque aparte, que sale facilmente para facilitar la recarga de tinta, está unida al aparato por las pequeñas mangueras que conectan con cada color.

Algo importante de este pequeño tanque es que tiene un interruptor para definir si la impresora está en transporte o fija en un sitio, esto bloquea las tintas para no tener incidentes.

Una de las cosas que me llama más la atención son los pequeños detalles, diseño de las botellas, de los tanques de tinta y el funcionamiento para hacerlo simplificado y sencillo de utilizar. Desde sacar las botellas de su empaque al vacío hasta su desecho. Por cierto, no está demás un par de guantes para hacer esto, si te manchas un poco las manos no sale con una lavada de manos y apenas con alcohol.

Luego de hacer la carga de tinta, realicé la instalación del driver y la instalación con carga de tienta que tiene una duración de unos 20 minutos. Luego de este pequeño proceso intenté imprimir o copiar y las hojas salían en blanco, si esto les ocurren verifiquen dos detalles: 1. que el pasador de “impresora en transporte” esté desactivado (este se encuentra en el tanque de tintas) 2. Limpiar cabezales de la impresora antes de imprimir el primer papel. Este último fue mi caso y fue suficiente para empezar a imprimir ¿quieren que realice una prueba en particular?.

Les dejo fotos del proceso de instalación y enlace a la nota del lanzamiento donde tenemos >más detalles de la Epson L200

IMG 9582

IMG 9584

IMG 9585

IMG 9586

IMG 9587

IMG 9588

IMG 9589

IMG 9590

IMG 9591

IMG 9592

IMG 9594

IMG 9596

IMG 9599

IMG 9601

IMG 9603

IMG 9606

IMG 9607

IMG 9610

IMG 9612

IMG 9613

IMG 9614

IMG 9615

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March 21 2013


Make money with surveys?

Online surveysThere are several marketing companies that pay people for their participation in online surveys. Paid online surveys are said to be common in the online job marketplace. This might be an easiest way to make money with surveys and to get started with an own business. Many companies might make use of them as part of their market studies and a lot of individuals earn from paid surveys. Data might be collected efficiently from the web and to make money from these surveys is said to be easy. It seems that it doesn’t require any skills or educational attainment to answer paid surveys. It also might not demand a lot of time, surveyors claimed that it all depends on your availability and willingness to answer survey forms.

Online surveys

Accordingly, while taking a survey, one may find out new information about these goods and their application. It might get your family and friends and many websites might even pay you a referral fee for doing so. However, paid surveys are being conducted to get your opinion, you should not pay the company to be able to "get paid", and this is what some scam sites do. Moreover, it might not require contracts when you sign up for a survey website. It appears that a fill up registration form might be provided; pay a certain amount if there's a membership fee. On the other hand, it appears that they are many who make money with surveys and then put that investment into other business. It might also come across similar products that can enhance your life in ways that you may not have even considered.

March 15 2013


Online job: Scam or not?

Online surveysIt’s not unbelievable to believe that there exists no such legitimate work from home online jobs because so many of us are victimized every day and every hour by scams. But there really are websites that offer real jobs. One really must find trusted websites so that we won't be fooled.

Trusted websites is where one can find jobs that would enable to earn extra cash while sitting at home. The most common work from home jobs such as freelancing, working as an agent, call center jobs, copy writer, proof reading jobs and many more. Another job that is offered is by answering online surveys. New surveys are received and the respondent must then answer the online surveys as detailed as possible. It is not difficult to make money with surveys that is why is paid surveys is said to be an ongoing trend.

Online surveys

With online jobs there is no strict supervision. And there are online jobs that does not have a deadline for the task one is assigned to do. One can work at any hour of the day or at any hour of the night. One can submit the work one has accomplished any time.

It is essential to find a website that would provide an online job that is not scam. There are many online jobs that are now available but one must conduct a thorough research regarding the website before desiring to have the job they offer. It is a good that people now has an alternative option but one should not be reckless.
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